You May Be Single, But You’re Never Alone

Today’s Christian Church doesn’t know what to do with us. They either want to marry us off as soon as possible or encourage us to take advantage of our youth, lack of responsibilities, and singleness to serve… oh wait, you are over 25? You don’t live with your parents? You have kids? Yeah, um, shhh… we’re gonna pretend you don’t exist…. Let us know when you decide to get married.

So, what am I trying to say?

WE GET IT! We get you and your frustrations!

We get that no matter how much you love your church, there are weekends when the thought of going makes you cringe because you just can not bear to sit by yourself and listen to your pastor say “Turn to your neighbor and say…” one more time.

We understand the pain of knowing no matter where you sit a couple who can’t keep their hands to themselves sits in front of you.

We know the lonely feelings that hit when couples and families head out with each other after services and you are headed home with your kids (who you love, but can’t have an adult conversation with) or all by yourself.

Oh, except  you… you have a cat… we’re okay with that.

Maybe some of that above describes your or almost none of it does. It doesn’t matter really… all that matters is you can be single and not alone, because we get it…

Welcome to the one place on earth where no Christians will tell you “You are married to Jesus now.”

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